How Much Does Electricity Cost in Hawaii?

If you plan on moving to Hawaii, brace yourself, we have the most expensive electricity rates in the nation. Hawaii’s rates are double the national average. As fuel costs increase so does the cost of electricity. While other states use natural gas, hydroelectric, or nuclear power to keep costs low, Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) has to rely on expensive oil shipments to produce electricity for Hawaii’s customers. Although HECO is adding solar and wind power to its electricity generation complement, oil still remains as the primary fuel source for the islands.

Curious About How Much Electricity the Average Household Uses in Hawaii?

HECO reports the typical customer uses 500 kilowatt-hours a month.

Hawaiian Island              Typical Household             Price Per Kilowatt-Hour

Oahu                                       $146.21                                            27.2 cents

Hawaii                                     $178.14                                            33.2 cents

Maui                                       $164.44                                            30.9 cents

Kauai                                       $174.08                                           32.7 cents

Electricity bills by island based on the typical household average of 500 kilowatt-hours for June.

How About Larger Homes in Hotter Climates?

The Hawaiian islands feature dramatic changes in topography, creating cooler windward and hotter leeward sides of each island. For example, on the leeward side of Oahu, a 1,500 sq. ft. single family house hosting a family of 4 has the potential to experience double HECO’s 500KWH average and more. Ewa Beach and Kapolei homes that have built-in central A/C running 24/7 can translate into monthly electricity bills of $400-$600+.

Solar Panels Help Ease Energy Costs

What can HECO customers do to lower their electricity costs? Lease or purchase Solar Panels, also known as Photovoltaic systems from one of many of the on island solar panel vendors. Why not take advantage of Hawaii’s most abundant resource, the sun?!

At the moment, federal, state, and local governments offer incredible solar energy tax credits and rebates to encourage the switch to solar power. Solar credit and rebate subsidies vary by programs, and in some cases, can cover up to 30% of the solar power panel system costs through credits and federal tax deductions.

Keep in mind, solar panel systems also enhance the value of property here on Oahu as many buyers specifically look to cut hefty energy costs. The approximate value and panel cost hovers at $1,000/per panel.

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